SiSALT Sport Line odkwaszająco-regenerująca sól do kąpieli

SiSALT Sport Line Deacidifying- regenerating bath salts 1500 g

SiSALT Sport Line  Deacidifying- regenerating bath salts:

are alkaline salts - analogously to the amniotic fluid
in which each of us spent the first nine months of
out lives

  • bath pH = 8.2-8.5 
  • are based on salts mined from salt deposits formed millions of years ago, owing to which they are not contaminated with toxic metals dumped into the seas and oceans today
  • use the osmosis effect to clean and detoxify the organism

Designed to:

  • activate the immunological system, 
  • deacidify the organism,
  • relax, regenerate and reduce the tension in the muscles,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • be used in treatments involving physical rehabilitation and post-trauma convalescence,
  • assist in relieving pain, specifically muscle pain, rheumatic pain, arthritis, joint pain and injuries,
  • soften the skin, sooth acne and psoriasis symptoms,
  • have antiseptic effect and assist in curing skin diseases,
  • improve blood supply to the limbs (icy hands and feet)

Regenerating and deacidifying bath salt facilitates widening pores of the skin and stimulates process of ions exchange between liquids in human body and
salt solution. Depending on amount of used salt we can make hypotonic or hypertonic solution. Hypotonic solution has lower concentration than biological fluids (salt concentration <0,9%). It is used for cleaning body out of toxins and waste products.

Hypotonic solution is applied for: acne, cellulite, excessive sweating, unpleasant smell of skin, oily skin.

Directions for use:
200 g of salt for 100 l of water; for soaking feet and hands it is recommended to take 20 g of salt for 10 litres of water.
Hypertonic solution has higher concentration than biological fluids (salt concentration >0,9%). It enables absorption of minerals contained in bath. It creates alkaline solution at amniotic fluid pH (pH 8,5) enabling deacidyfying of the body.

Directions for use:
This solution is made by using 1000 g of salt for 100 l of water. The optimum bath duration is 30-50 minutes at a temperature of 32-38°C. Use the salts once a week in the evening for a month. To soak the feet and hands, use 100 g of salts for 10 l of water. Recommended duration: 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 32-38 °C, 2x week for a month.

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