Dietary supplements

The human body is made up of billions of cells that perform a variety of functions. Like building blocks, the cells form tissues which, depending on the type, make up our organs. Owing to the body’s miraculous capacity for self-repair and regeneration, each dying cell is replaced by a new one. The process continues throughout our lives and occurs without our conscious awareness. The secret of youth as well as life-long health and well being lies in providing the cells with easily absorbable elements, essential for their proper functioning. It is their quality that directly influences our body.

Invex Remedies dietary supplements based on monoionic technology are developed to be an excellent source of minerals obtained from nature, absorbable in the whole digestive tract. Silor+B as well as bio-chelated Zn-Cu-Mg and Zn-Cu-Cr ensure a supply of active substances to the cells, and complement the deficiencies of elements such as silicon, boron, zinc, copper, chromium and magnesium, which are fundamental and essential for life. The supplements are mild, aim at maintaining our health, and due to their liquid formula they are free of any caking agents, preservatives, colorants and artificial fragrances.

Dietary supplements

The vital powers of the body become weaker with time, split between the endless needs of the immune system, fighting against various external factors, and the regenerative needs.
These abilities exceed our needs significantly before the age of thirty. Around the age of thirty, they are commensurate with our needs and then they decrease. The regeneration and repair processes of the organs’ cells become increasingly slower, and the cells’ efficiency gets lower. The skin begins to lose luster and becomes thinner, the hair is increasingly brittle and thin and the nails get frail. The reason for all these changes is the decrease in the quality of the connective tissue. Over time, the immunity drops, and the risk of infections and diseases begins to grow.

We are capable of influencing the self-repair and regeneration process, and the impact is quite significant. The environment we are living in, our lifestyles, hygiene, eating habits, legal intoxicants such as cigarettes and alcohol, physical activity, the sufficient amount of sleep or the stress levels are factors of major importance in this process. Conscious decisions can improve the quality of our life. In order to function, the human body needs over 64 elements in from of macro-, micro- and ultra-microelements. And all of these should be present in our daily diet.
The acidification of soils has resulted in changes in the chemical structure of the elements that occur in them, which makes the elements insoluble in water and not absorbable by plants. Thus, they are not available in our food. Industrial-scale food production, the use of synthetic fertilisers as well as the shortening of the natural vegetation process have also aggravated the situation.

The treatment of potable water by fluoridation removes many minerals from it, including silicon compounds which are essential for life. Our search for the proper solutions to the problems people are faced with nowadays has culminated in the development and patenting of the monoionic technology, due to which tiny molecules of the purest natural elements act at the cellular level.

Nearly the thirty-year experience and continuous research have helped us create supplements based on active molecules that are easily absorbable, water soluble and stable once they have entered blood. They aim at providing each cell with all the indispensable substances.