Monoionic technology

Advanced monoionic technology was developed in the laboratories of Inwex and Invex Remedies. The technology involves breaking the structure of minerals, such as gold, silver, or silicon to single ions (monoions).

The basis of good health lies in supplying every cell of the body with nature-derived elements, which are necessary for life functions. This can best be achieved by the fragmentation of the elements so that they could be tiny enough to penetrate through the cellular membrane. The particles obtained with this technology are more than ten times smaller than nanoparticles used so far in pharmacology and cosmetology. Monoions of gold and silver are 0.2 nm in size, whereas those of silicon – 0.24 nm.

Many chemical substances, including nanoparticles, tend to form clusters, i.e. aggregations of particles. This phenomenon hampers elemental penetration through the cell membranes. Consequently, the desirable effect is difficult to achieve.  The monoionc technology, patented by the company, makes it possible to eliminate this phenomenon, thus increasing the efficiency of the active substance penetration.

Monoionic technology

To enhance the efficiency of the active substance transportation into the cell, the ion pairs were additionally employed, which so far has been exclusively used in pharmacology. The method involves combining a charged particle with the active substance particle having the opposite charge in order to temporary neutralise the electric charge. Ion pairs easily penetrate through the lipids of the cornified layer and dissociate in the live epidermal layers.
The technology patented by our company allows those extremely small particles of the purest minerals to penetrate into the deepest skin layers, nourishing them and ensuring cellular level regeneration. With the monoionic technology, it is possible to deliver active substances in the form that is the most accessible to the body.
Manufacturing the products, we employ the outcome of our research, and the world’s unique innovative solutions. We act in harmony with nature and dedicate our work to the noble cause of improving health.



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