Our products

The knowledge accumulated over almost thirty years of work in the beauty area resulted in designing innovative substances, characterised by high anti-cancer potential. The technology developed by the company, which involves splitting metallic structures to monoions, enabled us to create unique lines of products. Those include diet supplements and dermocosmetics containing one-of-a-kind combinations of chemical elements, which are indispensable for the proper functioning of our bodies. Their form ensures elemental solubility and stability in blood. The structure of monoions allows transportation into the body tissue cells. When designing our products, we deliberately put restrictions on the base of raw materials used. As a result, our products are free from preservatives, emulsifiers, anti-thickening agents, parabens, and other dangerous components. We do not want our customers to come into contact with potentially harmful personal care products. Our products are safe, easy to apply, efficient in use, and, which is of key importance, highly effective.

The range of our products has been expanding and our research team have been working hard to meet the demands of the modern market.