Prizes and Awards

Many years of experience, gaining knowledge, creative passion, and also having the family’s two generations involved in research paved the way to the development of a strong beauty brand with heart, the one which holds human values high.

The Invex Remedies evolved from the Innovation-Implementation Unit called INWEX, established by Stanisław Szczepaniak in 1987. Mr Szczepaniak is a holder of more than 150 patents and a winner of multiple awards, including gold and silver medals received at innovation fairs.

The Invex Remedies has clearly defined its priorities. Constant research and development allow us to address the needs of contemporary people. Using the company’s patents and inventions, we work towards improving the quality of life. Our task is to look after the health of our customers in the manner that is harmonious with nature. We also believe that physical beauty originates from the good state of body and mind.